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"Leader In Green Assets"

LIG Assets, Inc. is a multi-faceted worldwide investment company that focuses on real estate, media, and the seafood industry. LIG Assets, Inc. in association with Robert Plarr is the emerging “Leader in Green Assets” — focused on exclusive green, renewable energy and sustainable homes, living systems, technologies and components to be utilized in residential and commercial real estate.The initial project is located in Brentwood TN, and a hurricane survivable model home is being built in Panama City Beach FL. LIG Assets has a 50% ownership position in an exciting seafood joint venture. Originally formed to assist ‘live shipments’ of Lobster and Crab, it has the potential to greatly reduce Asian Carp infestations of lakes and rivers. . Wholly owned subsidiary LIG Developments will concentrate specifically on the burgeoning light gauge steel framing industry. LIG Assets, Inc. trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol “LIGA”. Keep up with LIG Assets, Inc. and Robert Plarr’s homes, subscribe to our free Shareholder Newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

The Team

Dakota Forgione

Chief Executive Officer
Dakota is a seasoned professional with a strong background in the energy, infrastructure and sustainable sectors where she has been active both as a corporate executive and principal. She founded and built one of the largest Medical Waste companies in New York State which she then sold to a NASDAQ listed public company. Ms. Forgione has coordinated development and financing structures for a wide range of projects including co-generation, heat recovery and alternative energy facilities both in North and South America which ranged in value from 7 Million to 330 Million USD. She led the strategic acquisition and roll up of one of the largest environmental response companies on the West Coast, for Foss Maritime, a 1.3 billion dollar company. She then provided strategic consulting services for a variety of fortune 500 companies who were seeking to acquire energy and alternative energy assets. Ms. Forgione has been a Senior Executive and Principal in two investment funds and has served as a Board Member for a variety of early stage companies in the renewable energy, recycling and building materials markets. Ms. Forgione attended the State University of New York at Buffalo for her undergraduate studies and then participated in an accelerated Graduate program in Environment Policy.

Marvin Baker

For over two decades, Marvin Baker has created alternative distribution pathways and unique revenue models for television projects that attracted corporate sponsors and met the need for original works to be seen and heard. Marvin Baker is a marketing innovators who constantly issue new ideas and fresh solutions for old problems. For over a decade, Marvin has handled TV Syndication and NTR Branded Campaigns on over 125 dma's on ABC, CBS & NBC affiliates across the nation. Using the power of the media, our projects have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, MTV, VH1, CMT, CMT Canada, Inside Edition, Hard Copy, The Today Show, Montel Williams Show, Comedy Central, CTV & CBC television. Our print media hits include USA Today, New York Post - Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard Magazine, Variety & Entertainment Weekly, Business Journals and others. Marvin is a seasoned independent film and television syndication company based in Nashville Tennessee. Marvin Baker has marketed & distributed their feature films, documentaries and TV products, all over the world. His first feature film "A Letter from Death Row" starring Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen & Bret Michaels, was distributed to 38 countries. Marvin provides network affiliate support to group television owners and their network affiliates. (ABC, NBC & CBS & Comcast) Marvin provides unique value added "Business Television" services and concepts to the North American television systems. The network affiliates have embraced Marvin Baker’s unique television campaigns and concepts since 1992 in markets all across the country. Marvin Baker received the “Excellence In Media” award from Senator’s Hillary Clinton and Conrad Burns in 2004 at an E-911 Awards gala on Capitol Hill in Washington DC after a successful NBC “Today Show” promotion with E-911. Mr. Baker graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.

Charles Gambino

Chief Operating Officer
Charles gained national prominence as a highly successful turnaround expert and Operations Manager for some of the film industry's biggest names over the past 30 years including such notable companies as Panavision, Panavision Hollywood, General Camera NY, Cinepro, Image Devices International, Armanda Costanza Inc., and Production Services Atlanta/Nashville. Charles has held most senior positions pertaining to corporate and film operations. Charles' unique style and system has allowed expedited development of corporate structure and operations, work flow, revenues and dramatically increased profitability - usually in less than a year while simultaneously developing new business opportunities creating new revenue streams further increasing each company's potential and profitability. His unusually high success rate of dramatically increasing revenues and profits for the companies he has worked for over the years have earned him the nickname, "Midas Man" among industry associates and competitors alike.

Doug Vaughn

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Vaughn has been a senior finance analyst with major financial institutions such as the former Leader Financial Corporation and Union Planters Mortgage, both now Regions Bank. While there he was responsible for all line of business and product profitability reporting and assisted marketing with customer profitability systems. He was responsible for bringing Risk Adjusted Capital analysis to the savings industry before it became a regulatory requirement. While at Union Planters Mortgage he installed software to amortize and impair test the Mortgage Servicing Rights, some of the most complicated derivative instruments in existence. While at First Tennessee Capital Markets (FTN Financial) he was responsible for marketing the Mergers and Acquisitions departments as well as the Asset Liability and bond accounting departments. He also spent time in Structured Finance working with company issued Collateralized Debt Obligations.

Aric Simons

Aric is an attorney / partner with the law firm of Robinson & Simons E.P. specializing in real estate and entertainment law. More specifically, Aric has focused his practice for the past 27 years on entertainment industry licensing, concert production/promotion, copyright protection, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation and contract law. Aric represented the State of Illinois legislative delegation and co-drafted legislation for Digital Rights Management and drafted Amicus Brief for non-interactive license litigation. He represented the Italian Consulate in Chicago for international transactions and served as legal counsel to the Illinois House Majority Chief of Staff. Aric also serves as a Board Member and counsel to Rock for Kids a (Jam Productions/WXRT sponsored), a charitable organization providing Music Education to youth in under-served neighborhoods since 2006.

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