Robert Plarr, a famed environmental pioneer, visionary and entrepreneur in the green and sustainable sectors, has been building researching and promoting sustainable and renewable homes, systems and technologies since the 1970’s.

Robert has recently teamed up with LIG Asset’s Inc. (LIGA) The Leader in Green Assets to provide the world with some of the most advanced green and sustainable homes, systems and technology on the planet. The good news is the homes Robert and LIG Asset’s plan to build together will be affordable to the masses and 100% fully sustainable – utilizing 100’s of technologies capable of providing oxygen, medicine, water and food. A first in the United States!

In 2002 Robert integrated the most advanced technologies at the time to create one of the world’s first completely off-grid self-sustaining homes – with an indoor rain forest. Robert personally tested over 200 green and sustainable technologies to create the ultimate green living experience. Robert was also co-owner of the world’s first green and sustainable amusement and water parks that included the world’s largest privately owned windmill.

Since then Robert has worked with some of the world’s leading scientists to create his exclusive “Science of Sustainable Integration” – known worldwide as the “Plarr’s Living Green Structure System.” Creating homes that are totally off the grid.

Robert has also solved one of the most challenging problems facing the green and sustainable sectors; the ability to generate and store sufficient energy with the most advanced power and battery systems available. Batteries that collect 90% of the energy produced. A major breakthrough in the “affordable” production and storing of energy.

These are some of the amazing components, systems and technologies in the homes Robert and LIG Asset’s are currently building – literally the most incredible technology you’ve ever seen!

Floating Bed: Medically proven “healing bed” helping with autistic issues by providing oxygen levels of 100 years ago.

Spinning Vortex: Spins water in a vortex movement that helps the plants grow, increases oxygen levels and energizes the building.

Magnesium Oxide & Geo-Polymers: That are toxic free, eliminate any possibility of mold, fungus or rot forming, can withstand temperatures of 4,000 degrees and can be produced replicating literally any natural substance including polished marble and wood. They’re inexpensive, salt water resistant and can last 100’s of years.

Hydrogen Oxide Machine: Included in every Plarr’s home – increasing the yields of plants, hydrating the body and capable of producing over 260 gallons of purified drinking water per day.

Bioguard Machine: Included in every Plarr’s home – as well as hospitals, hotels and the Mall of America, capable of producing over 60 gallons of water per day that acts as a disinfectant, bioguard and natural pesticide.

Hydroponic Food Growing Towers: Providing the ability to grow your own nutrient dense fruit and vegetables, indoors, year round with exterior temperatures from 20 degrees below zero to over 100 degrees. No GMO’s while creating an indoor pure air atmosphere that you control.

Hemp Based Products & Materials: Aesthetically beautiful, highly durable and functional.

Plarr’s unique homes are mold and toxic free benefitting people with compromised immune systems, particularly veterans or those with diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and individuals suffering from heavy metal toxicity. Literally everything that goes into Robert’s homes are purified, including the materials, food and water. Healthy or unhealthy, you are basically living in your own private wetland rain forest that you control mechanically similar to an interior earth atmosphere of 100 years ago – you decide how healthy your home is going to be on a daily basis!

Robert’s homes have been compared to an in-home medical & wellness center as well as an “insurance policy” against natural disasters – producing its own energy, recycling its own waste, growing its own food and producing its own pure water – the ultimate insurance and safety policy for you and your family.

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